Becky and Nick at relaunch night, Feb 2016

Becky and Nick at relaunch night, Feb 2016


Becky- I started O’Joy as Optimum Joy, in December of 2013 at the age of 33.

I had suffered from major depression and anxiety for most of my 20’s seeking help from Doctors with no relief. In my early 30’s and out of sheer desperation, I started to seek alternative ways to feel better.

I changed my diet to largely plant based and started to have hypnotherapy. This opened my eyes to a world of complementary and alternative therapies and I wanted to try them all!  I read positive literature and listened to spiritual teachings.

Little by little I started to recover and feel the JOY in life again. I wanted to put these experiences under one roof for people, to make them as easy and accessible for people as possible.

I still struggle at times but have recognised the importance through this of staying 'topped up' Healing and wellness are a journey not a destination

I am currently writing a book also called 100 ways to find your Optimum Joy. So look out for it for more ways to eat well, feel well and look well! 


Nick - A year ago I spent three weeks in Thailand at a retreat fasting and then eating strictly vegan. During this time I tried yoga, reiki and various other alternative therapies.

For me the change in my health was obvious and was born out by medical tests at the beginning and end of my stay. A totally or predominantly plant based diet is undoubtedly healthier for body and mind but on returning to the UK I found access to the foods and therapies limited.

Meeting Becky at O'Joy was perfect timing - she needed investment and I wanted to spread the word to help others which was Becky's motivation too.

I want to encourage people to come and try a vegan alternative, increase their plant based food intake and see that it's not difficult or weird eating vegan. We don't judge here - we encourage and upstairs our therapies are there to help too.

People are stressed, burnt out and mentally struggling and too few connect that to the food they eat.

Without wanting to sound too hippy, as I'm certainly not, the road to feeling better about yourself, Wellbeing, takes many forms - we're offering a few paths for people to try.

I hope more people will try this kind of food and start making themselves feel better